THE TRAIN CHARTERING COMPANY - hire trains & carriages for any occasion
Private charter Trains and private carriages on scheduled Train services for hire to corporates, agencies and individuals in the UK and world wide. Full service ground handling between venues and stations is offered. Fine dining is available, as well as an extensive range of onboard entertainment and branding / theming. Charter Trains are ideal for imaginative events and luxury travel for groups from 10 to over 600.
TRANSPORT CHARTER - private luxury travel by air, rail, road or sea
By air, rail, road or sea, we advise on the best charter transportation for groups. We operate proposed transport and offer ground handling & onboard services. Why is "How to get there" often the last item on the planning agenda? And "Problems with transport" a key issue after the event?

Don't let transport horror stories spoil the occasion.
TRAIN HIRE - cost effective train hire for large groups
Train Hire cost effective travel for large groups. Up to 700 on one Train; over 6,000 a day.Anywhere to anywhere in UK & Europe. Special timetables & catering. Ground handling & coach transfers.
PRIVATE RAIL CARS - train hire in the USA
Private Rail Cars offers individuals, families and businesses the retro luxury experience of travelling by private rail car on most of the rail networks of Amtrak and VIA Rail. We are committed to the renaissance of rail in North America and worldwide. We work to increase awareness of the safety and luxury of travelling by private Train through newsletters, resources and Train-based special events.
LUXURY TRAIN CLUB - all the worlds luxury trains in one place
The Luxury Train Club is your concierge for luxury train travel, presenting many of the world's luxury trains in this one website for your convenience. Few people have any idea of what luxury train travel means; it really is a fantastic feeling to be a pampered passenger on a luxury train.
SOUNDWAVE EXPRESS - the longest branded train ever?
An example of how Train Chartering can provide branded & themed trains which are ideal for high profile marketing & PR events. The Soundwave Express was probably the longest branded Train over the longest distance in Europe for at least 20 years.
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The Train Chartering group operate private charter Trains and private carriages on scheduled Train services for hire to corporates, agencies and individuals in the UK and world wide.
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